By integrating remote sensing data, field applications, real-time communications, field and back-office processing, modeling, and analytics, SET Technologies provide a high quality, productive workflow and data exchange to drive efficiency, productivity, safety and value in organizations of all sizes.

SET Technologies Inc. provides geospatial services for government organizations, private companies, non-profit organizations, and academic and research institutions that develop, manufacture, research and employ geospatial technology.

Fig. The Geospatial technology and its applications

Geospatial solutions involve setting up geospatial data models and solutions for its clients along a wide-range of domains. The geospatial wing at SET Technologies offers the following specialized geospatial solutions:

  • Remote Sensing and Topographic Data Collection
  • GIS and Mapping Solutions
  • Development of geospatial apps for mobile solutions
  • Creation of SDI, enterprise GIS, geoportal & WebGIS
  • Geospatial database design, modeling and maintenance
  • Development of geospatial Decision Support Systems(DSS)
  • Designing applications for location based services
  • Training and Technical Support

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