SET Technologies, Inc. is a share company incorporated in Washington DC with its main office conveniently situated in the prominent business area of the District of Columbia a mere two-three blocks from the White House, the World Bank and IFC etc. More importantly, we are located in Washington DC metro area, home to the majority of the Ethiopians living in the US.

Though SET Technologies was incorporated in 2018, it is a successor to much older entities that merged into one, i.e. an IT company called CCI (Central Computing Institute) and a Business, Compliance and Legal Consulting firm called Transnational Business Group. Between them, these companies have over twenty years of existence and experience. More importantly, SET Technologies bring together a strong, diverse team of professionals representing a variety of disciplines. SET Technologies’ team is ideally resourced to become a leading company in US and aspires to foster the adoption of technologies to financial and other sectors. SET Technologies strives to connect the financial resources of the developed world with the need and capacity of developing countries primarily Ethiopia and other East African Countries. SET Technologies has the power and responsibility to help bridge the financial, and technological prowess of the developed world with the developing world and help create a thriving and resilient society.

Our team brings a mix of expertise from various disciplines to solve problems with a different, more effective mindset, devising powerful solutions for our society’s toughest challenges.

We are committed to ensuring that our society benefits from the state-of-the-art technology-solutions in finance and other sectors to tackle the major economic, social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.